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Case Study


A company with a great reputation decides to expand their services.
The challenge? Getting their loyal customers to see them in a new light. 

We have a client in the print and mail service business. Like many of the small to medium-size companies with which we work, this privately owned business has great products and services. They built a successful enterprise based on the loyalty of their customers who love them. They also have very large, well-funded competitors.

The company has seen the writing on the wall and recognizes the customer communications industry is rapidly changing. Their core business of metering and presorting mail for local customers has marginal growth potential. To carry the business securely into the next decade, they have moved upstream in the document workflow. Our client is adding services to create the documents besides handling distribution.

To transition from the end of the document production/distribution workflow to the beginning, this company has to convince their customers they can do this kind of work. Then they must sell their customers on the idea that outsourcing the document production work makes more sense than continuing to produce the material in-house.

The presort company turned to PMC Content Services, a division of Print/Mail Consultants (PMC), to help them make those persuasive arguments.

We developed a series of educational articles designed to highlight the features the new company can provide its customers.

Articles we created for this audience stress the benefits of printing highly segmented or personalized informational, educational, and promotional messaging right on the documents instead of relying on inserts. Customer communications are more relevant when composed using these techniques because the messages can vary depending on customer attributes. Our client’s  customers lacked the tools, time, and knowledge to eliminate pre-printed inserts themselves.
Other content we created discusses connecting print and digital channels, the advantages of online payment processing, and how outbound customer communications can improve the customer experience.

PMC has produced white papers and additional material covering trends in customer communications, document integrity, mailpiece tracking, address quality, and other topics. Our client can use this material in email newsletters, salesperson leave-behinds, blogs, and social media.

All these pieces are custom-written to connect with companies in our client’s market. They highlight the new features and capabilities they are now offering their customers. We want the audience to know the company they have historically associated with metering and presorting is is fluent with current document production technologies and understands how to help their customers solve business problems with customer communications.

Customer Quote
We’ve been reading your column in Mailing Systems Technology magazine.
We knew you were the right person to help our company make a big transition.

Creating a Plan
Before writing a single word for this client, we spent a great deal of time learning about their existing business, their customers, and their capabilities. We researched the software, hardware, and professional skills this company would use to provide document composition, printing, finishing, and distribution services to their customers.
Based on the knowledge we acquired, PMC compiled a 12-month content plan. The plan listed each content element along with the due dates, themes, and potential calls to action.
Plans can change of course. All the content plans we create for our clients recognize the need to respond to breaking news, hot topics, or
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Constructing a content plan forces businesses to think more strategically about what they want to accomplish and the audience they are attempting to influence. Without a content plan, most small to medium-size companies create content as standalone pieces – often in response to a triggering event or a perceived immediate need. When their sporadic publishing efforts fail to produce the desired results, enthusiasm wains and they stop creating content.
Before PMC arrived on the scene, our print/mail services client was like that. All their efforts were single point solutions. We helped the company see that changing customer perceptions about what their company represented would take time. To engage their target audiences, they had to deliver content that was consistently useful and relevant to the readers. Making sales pitches and marketing claims all the time would not encourage long term engagement.

Early Results
Once our client began talking with their customer base about their new service offerings and backed those conversations with the content we created for them, customers started asking questions about the new service offerings. A new name, branding, website, and brochure helped further solidify the image the company was striving to project. Work from new and existing customers flowed into the business.

unanticipated events. We’ll rearrange the content schedule or modify topics to accommodate these changes. The important point is we have a default plan which we will follow unless conditions change.

Content plans remove the roadblocks of deciding what to write about, who will write it, and how to allocate enough time to get the project finished. With a PMC custom content plan, clients know the content they choose will be professionally written and delivered according to a pre-arranged schedule.

About PMC Content Services

PMC Content Services is a division of Print/Mail Consultants. We work with B2B companies in the document/customer communications industry to help them design a content marketing strategy and then create the custom content necessary to support the plan. We’d love to talk with you about your particular challenges for attracting and nurturing leads. Contact us to see if we’re a match for your requirements.
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